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The Truth regarding Gun Restrictions

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The Truth regarding Gun Restrictions

Post by SubjectiveAnalyst on Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:18 pm

.   Guns, as some of the most prized possessions in the average American home, have been under extreme policy pressure in the last score, from both the left-wing and right-wing. Undeniably related to the mass murders set into effect by black market weapons, neither the pro-gun or anti-gun movements seem capable of reaching a consensus on the controversial topic.
.   Each stance comes with its own figurative textbook of inconsistencies; perhaps rather than harboring a radical view on gun ownership-left-leaning or right-leaning, it is better to reach a reasonable compromise of the couple. Is extensive gun control a solution to gun violence? This question has sparked countless debates amongst political panels and parties alike. As more instances of illegal gun abuse become more apparent, this question is once again brought to the forefront of the political table.
.   With each and every complex and simplex issue surrounding gun ownership, the true answer to the previous question is verified. Extensively strict gun control regulations and blanket gun bans DO NOT solve the issue of violent crime. Radical gun control theorists suggest that 'drying up' the supply of weapons would stop the surge of deadly weapons into the American public, and thus end the epidemic of violent gun crimes in the US. Yet, there is an obvious flaw in this concept that these individuals fail to mention when this topic is touched on. Even if the United States Government could somehow manage to place a legal blanket ban on gun ownership, an estimated 74% of the internet is actually hidden through tunneling ports and encrypted software. Everything else, which the average person accesses most of the time, is referred to as "The clearnet" and the other is referred to as "The darknet" or "dark-web". Needless to say, there are many markets and databases stored throughout this section of the internet, and that includes weapon markets. It is not even remotely plausible to suggest that if the United States Government could effectively place a blanket gun ban on the public, it would stop the epidemic of violent gun crime committed by criminals. Criminals do not buy their weapons legally, the only masses this would affect are the individuals which purchase their arms legally and follow legal procedures, such as background checks. Straight off the bat, a blanket gun ban implementation would leave all law-abiding American citizens defenseless, jeopardize the security of the nation's roughly 128 million gun owners, while not being properly calibrated to fix the initial problem. Meanwhile, the flow of black market weapons would continue to the criminals with the intent to cause harm to the now-defenseless public. Strict gun control regulations are slightly more reasonable, though that trend continues along the 3 most common stances of this matter. Though is it really defensible to suggest that everybody with any sort of criminal record be refused their constitutional right? A seizure of the lawfully protected 'right to bear arms' due to minor mistakes is irrefutably unjust.
.   An unseen complication with radical gun theories is the obvious effect on police force exertion. PD response time is on the rise, as violent crime skyrockets, and expanding the categories of what is classified as criminal acts simply adds more to the workload of police departments. While that is the case for strict gun control, the same effect is demonstrated by the opposing viewpoint. Little to no legislation surrounding gun purchase and ownership makes it easier for minors and criminals to get weapons with no difficulty LEGALLY. Even with that being the case, the public would be safer if more Americans were encouraged to carry guns, which may be used for self defense, or defense of others.

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