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In support of protective tariffs (In progress)

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In support of protective tariffs (In progress)

Post by Calgary335 on Wed May 31, 2017 9:47 pm

1. Protective tariffs are voluntary government taxes on specific imported goods. When a country has a vulnerable industry that has potential, yet is being outperformed by another foreign industry, a protective tariff is a boon to the nation's wealth and that of the industry; in addition, it will force the competing country's industry to play fairly on the global market. This in a sense, is a win-win situation, given that said country has room for it's potential industry to expand and the competing nation's industry may find value in it's service by supplying nation's which cannot produce that specific item, making it necessary to rely on the import of that item. In this way, the implementation of strict protective tariffs fosters a self-correcting system of fairness.


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