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Concerning Subsidized Healthcare; a stream of conciousness

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Concerning Subsidized Healthcare; a stream of conciousness

Post by Calgary335 on Thu May 18, 2017 10:26 pm

If there were good, affordable private hospitals, maybe people could afford an X-Ray or a dentist or a prescription. Competition makes prices affordable, one hospital can't jack the price because they lose customers to the next hospital. They have to sanitize for the same reason and have caring attendants too. The hard workers in this country, will be the ones who have to pay because the government taxes the high earners, those people then turn out to be seniors with a moderate pension but then they can't find an affordable hospital with a good standard of care, less waiting time, more room, a standard of cleanliness and with better doctors who chose to work for that hospital because of the wage offered due to that hospital's success.
Everyone should have to pay for their healthcare, it's not a right, someone has to work for you to receive it. They should have the right to have the hospital be a competitor in the free market because that puts them at the will of the people. If they do well, they make more money, if they do badly, they make less and another competitor takes it's place. Subsidization ignores microeconomics. Under government subsidized healthcare the hospital is at the will of the countries economic situation. If a government has less money, the hospitals have less money.
We have mothers and fathers who look after children who aren't yet capable of affording their own healthcare, they aren't raised to be dependent on the government. they are raised to be independent and to be competitors in the free market and make as many voluntary transactions as possible. It's the same reason we take in a weary traveler for a night, he's not there forever, he's there at one moment and he might end up a 1920s billionaire the next moment. Let's suppose he has social responsibility despite his current financial situation. Unless someone is physically or mentally disabled then the parent of the child or the patron of the down-trodden has no obligation to continue providing that to the person who will soon be back on his feet. Hopefully, that child or person will be able to provide the same for his children or another weary traveler he meets later on in life.
This is the social fabric which is being ripped away from us. It involved churches, communities, families and friends. The state is inherently unsympathetic to this. It's not alive, obviously, and therefore cannot practice moral structuring and only impedes the creation of a strong social fabric, in the way that I've described. The people who majorly control the government, democrats (who tend to be geared towards the poor and I've noticed, are very resentful of the middle-class) are only concerned with replacing this social fabric which with a monstrously inefficient, yet methodical, hierarchy of prescribed values that ignore the basic tenets of our socioeconomic structure. It also deprives the people of their basic cultural motivation to practice social responsibility, the thing that gives meaning to our lives, without responsibility, life is just a selfish endeavour that has no meaning.


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